a naturally beautiful look using aesthetic treatments to restore youthfulness, skin health and vitality.

Skin Health and Aesthetics

Feeling good is important to our self-esteem – and it is this self-belief that drives us forward in life. When we feel self-conscious about appearance it can have a huge impact on our confidence and what we do, achieve and strive for. At the Repton Clinic, we offer a number of quick convenient treatments to tackle aesthetic concerns and to restore youthfulness, health, and vitality to your appearance and help restore self-confidence. 

Achieving a naturally beautiful look is at the heart of the services we deliver and we offer you the piece-of-mind that your treatments are carried out by a qualified medical professional.

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Dr. Nisha Ari

Dr Ari Leads our highly trained aesthetics team. Alongside her Dentistry, she is perfectly positioned to provide safe, effective treatment with her extensive knowledge of facial anatomy. Dr Ari trained as at the world-renowned Dr Bob Khana Institute where she has been awarded a comprehensive range of practitioner’s qualifications.

Dr Ari’s uses a holistic consultative approach to aesthetics and begins with a comprehensive assessment of your concerns, requirements and desired outcomes. She will then prescribe a an individually tailor-made treatment plan to deliver natural-looking results and help achieve your goals.

Dr Nisha Ari dentist and aesthetician

Our Clinic

All work carried out is done in a sterile clinical environment following the strictest protocols and procedures. As an established dental clinic, we are CQC registered and we adhere to industry standards for infection control. Your safety and security during treatments and procedures is at the heart of everything we do.

In addition, you can be reassured as we use leading brands of authentic medically-approved products purchased from reputable pharmacies for our treatments to achieve the best and safest results.

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Whether you would like an anti-aging treatment to help reduce crow’s feet, laughter lines or frown lines, help improve skin conditions such as rosacea or acne, or simply improve your skin health and vitality, at the Repton Clinic have a solution to help.