ZO Skin health skincare range to restore skin to healthy state.
An introduction to

Medical Grade Skin Care

Medical grade skincare is a term used to describe a product with blend of cosmetic and pharmaceutical elements. One of the most significant benefits of these products is that the concentration of active ingredients in them is typically higher than that of retail and over the counter offerings. As a result, these products are only available on prescription following a consultation with a qualified medical practitioner.


At the Repton Clinic we prescribe ZO® Skin Health products formulated by the leading dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi. This is one of the market leading medical grade skincare ranges that uses the best and most effective ingredients to create and maintain healthy skin. The ZO® Skin Health approach is to follow three steps:

  • STEP 1 GET SKIN READY by restoring skin back to its most healthy, balanced state through cleansing, exfoliating and toning.
  • STEP 2 PREVENT & CORRECT skin issues and concerns, and prevent future damage
  • STEP 3 PROTECT against sun and light damage with triple spectrum sunscreens


  • Restores skin balance – Restores skin back to a healthy balanced state and protects it from future damage.
  •  Sensitive Skin – Gentle, non-irritating products designed to soothe sensitised skin.
  • Acne-prone – Highly effective products formulated to treat acne-prone skin and prevent future breakouts.
  • Hydration – Boost natural hydration and soothe skin with these uniquely engineered Hydration + Calming products.
  • Anti-Aging – ZO® products are specifically designed to address both the visible signs and key triggers of aging at every phase.
  • Brightening – Targeting dark spots and discolouration with skin brightening formulations that help even out skin tone.


The most common area of treatment is the face but it can also be used to specifically target: neck, area around the eyes, décolletage and body.


  • Medical Grade with stronger active ingredients than over the counter skincare ranges.
  • Different formulations suitable for different skin types and concerns.
  • Topical treatment that is none.
  • Can be used and applied at home
  • Follow directions supplied and instructions supplied with skin care.
  • Follow directions supplied and instructions supplied with skin care.
This treatment is not suitable if you have any of the following:


  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding.
  • Product specific contraindications may exist.  Always check individual product instructions.

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