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We believe in the power of a team approach. Our skilled and compassionate team comprises experienced dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, skin specialists and administrative staff, all working together to ensure you receive the best care possible.
Dr Nisha Ari - Aesthetician and Dentist

Dr Nisha Ari

Practice Principal Dental Surgeon GDC 75936

Dr. Nisha Ari is a distinguished professional whose journey in the field of dentistry and facial aesthetics has left a memorable imprint on her patients and the communities she serves. Her pursuit of excellence and commitment to exceptional patient care has earned her a well-deserved reputation as a trusted practitioner.

Nisha’s journey began with her qualification from the Dental School at the prestigious University of Birmingham. She garnered valuable experience in London and Birmingham, honing her skills and knowledge before taking a significant step to open her clinic, in Repton in 2008.
What started as a local endeavour has since blossomed into a practice that attracts patients from far and wide, including the adjoining counties of Staffordshire and Leicestershire and international visitors from London, France, and Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Nisha’s passion extends far beyond the confines of her clinic. She has an unwavering dedication to enhancing her patients’ smiles and boosting their confidence. Her approach goes beyond merely treating isolated dental or aesthetic concerns; she believes in diagnosing each patient with a full-face approach, ensuring that their features’ overall harmony and balance are considered.

In her pursuit of excellence in facial aesthetics, Nisha had the privilege of training under the esteemed Professor Khanna at his highly acclaimed International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics. This experience allowed her to merge her skills in dentistry with a newfound expertise in skin health and aesthetics. As a result, she established a comprehensive service in her clinic that seamlessly complements the dental care and cosmetic dentistry she provides.

Dr. Nisha’s journey is marked by her dedication to offering a holistic approach to patient care, ensuring that each individual who walks through her doors receives the highest standard of treatment. Dr Nisha is more than a dentist; she is a trusted partner in your journey to a healthier, more radiant smile and a more confident you.

Surj Kainth

Dr Surj Kainth

Lead Dental Surgeon GDC71188

Dr Surj is an accomplished dentist with a rich and diverse career that spans three decades. Since graduating from the prestigious Royal London Hospital in 1995, Surj has been dedicated to dentistry. He has held various key positions, each contributing to his wealth of experience and the depth of his knowledge. 

Surj has worked as a Senior House Officer and Clinical Assistant at the esteemed Birmingham Dental Hospital. His role as a Senior Dental Officer for Lancashire Community Dental Services further exemplifies his commitment to providing quality dental care to the community.

In addition to his roles in hospital settings, Surjit has also served as a Principal and Vocational Dental Trainer in general practice. This multifaceted experience has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of dental care across various settings, making him a well-rounded professional in the field.

Surjit’s commitment to professional development is evident in his educational achievements. In 2000, he completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Restorative Dentistry through the Paul Tipton Training program. This was followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced General Dental Practice from the University of Birmingham in 2012, further solidifying his expertise.

Surjit’s passion for dentistry extends to a deep interest in fixed and removable prosthodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery. His dedication to expanding his skills in these areas demonstrates his commitment to offering his patients a wide range of services.

Throughout his professional journey, Surjit has developed a broad range of skills ideally suited for Primary Dental Care.  His approach to dental care is guided by well-informed evidence-based practice (Dr), meticulous engineering (EN), and an artistic touch. This concept of care is encapsulated by the acronym “D-EN-TIST.

Bethany Lowe

Bethany Lowe

Dental Therapist GDC 178582

Meet Bethany Lowe, a highly qualified and experienced Dental Therapist who has been a valuable part of our team since the beginning of 2022.  Bethany’s journey in dentistry began when she obtained her degree from the esteemed University of Birmingham, where she honed her skills and knowledge to deliver top-notch dental care.

With a commitment to excellence, Bethany is here to provide a range of exceptional skills and services, making her an integral part of our commitment to your oral health.

Many of our patients know Bethany is the go-to professional for oral hygiene services, ensuring your smile remains healthy and bright. However, she also provides a broad range of other dental treatments, from preventive care to maintaining, restorative fillings to enhancing your smile with teeth whitening.

Bethany’s care also extends to our younger patients. She delivers children’s dentistry services, which include preventive fissure sealants to safeguard young teeth, preventative fluoride applications to strengthen their dental health, fillings to address any early dental issues, extraction of deciduous teeth when necessary, and providing essential oral hygiene instructions. Bethany ensures a positive and comfortable dental experience for children of all ages, setting the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health.

Sadie Wilson

Sadie Wilson

Senior Dental Nurse GDC 2743523 and Aesthetics Therapist

Meet Sadie Wilson, a senior member of our dedicated nursing support team at The Repton Clinic.  Sadie’s bubbly and welcoming personality is impossible to miss. Her wealth of experience and training in the dental industry makes her an invaluable asset to our practice.

Sadie’s career in the dental field commenced in 2015, and she qualified as a dental nurse in 2017. Over the years, she has garnered extensive general dental nursing experience, solidifying her expertise in patient care and support. Moreover, Sadie has undergone additional training and gained substantial experience in radiography.  She has also experience assisting with implants and cosmetic dentistry procedures.

At the heart of our aesthetic services provision, Sadie has taken on the role of lead aesthetic therapist, where she collaborates closely with Dr. Nisha to enhance our patient’s skin health and aesthetics. Her qualifications include proficiency in the Aqua 3 facial system, Skin Pen micro-needling, and ZO Skin Health products expertise. With her keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence, Sadie ensures that every patient who walks through our doors receives top-notch care and attention.

But Sadie’s commitment to well-being doesn’t stop at the clinic. In her spare time, she continues to pursue her interests in various therapeutic practices. She has earned qualifications as a baby yoga and massage trainer, showcasing her dedication to holistic health and wellness beyond her role at the Clinic.

Catherine Stone

Catherine Stone

Senior Dental Nurse GDC 266856

Catherine Stone is an experienced member of the clinic team. With a passion for oral healthcare, Catherine entered the dental industry in 2014 and swiftly earned her qualification as a dental nurse in 2016. Her journey in dentistry has been marked by a diverse range of experiences gained through working in several practices across Essex, Leicestershire, and Derbyshire.

Catherine is not only well-versed in nursing for general dentistry but has also developed experience in orthodontic nursing, showcasing her commitment to expanding her skill set. She is a dedicated team player and goes beyond traditional nursing responsibilities to contribute to the overall well-being of patients.

In her role as a senior nurse, you’ll often find Catherine working alongside Dr. Nisha. However, her proficiency extends beyond clinical responsibilities as she takes on the role of mentoring junior nurses and looking after the nursing function in practice to ensure it runs seamlessly.

Her friendly and approachable demeanour makes her a key figure in patient care, and her commitment to professional development highlights her dedication to providing the highest standard of dental nursing.

Catherine is a self-confessed animal lover, and she loves spending her spare time with her husband and young son.

Dr Iram Afshan

GP & Menopause Specialist GMC 6147338

Dr. Iram Afshan is a GP and Menopause Specialist accredited by the British Menopause Society. She graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2006, then pursued specialised training in Obstetrics and gynaecology in London before becoming a GP and then a partner of a practice in Derby.

She stays updated with the latest developments in menopause research through the British Menopause Society’s learning program. Passionate about women’s health, she is a regional Women’s Health education developer committed to educating clinicians, local businesses, and women in Derbyshire.

Dr Iram Asfan’s diverse background gives her a unique perspective on managing Women’s Health, allowing her to deliver high-quality care tailored to those working through the stages of menopause. She has extensive experience running Menopause Clinics in both NHS and private settings. Her personal warmth and approachable style mean she is ideally placed to work closely with patients to identify their specific symptoms before creating a personalised treatment plan to suit their needs.

Dr. Afshan’s primary goal is to offer a personalised and high-quality approach to address individual peri- and menopausal needs, ensuring that each patient receives the necessary support during this important stage of life.


Aleena Kauser

Trainee Dental Nurse

Meet Aleena Kauser, our enthusiastic Trainee Dental Nurse who brings a fresh and cheerful spirit to our clinic. Aleena is passionate about pursuing a career in dentistry and is currently learning the intricacies of dental care and working towards her NVQ in dental nursing.

Aleena’s enthusiasm for dentistry is visible, and she approaches her training with a keen interest in expanding her knowledge. Alena is eager to learn and actively collaborates with the dental care team to absorb new information. Her hands-on experience in the clinic complements her theoretical studies, providing her with a well-rounded education in dental care practices.

Aleena is a gentle and caring individual, embodying qualities essential to dental care. Her calm demeanour is especially noteworthy, as it naturally puts patients at ease during their visits. She understands the importance of patient-centred care and strives to ensure that each individual feels comfortable and supported throughout their dental procedures.

Lauren Hawtree

Senior Front of House & Administrator

Lauren Hawtree is a familiar and indispensable figure at The Repton Clinic, where her dedication and expertise have shaped the patient experience for the past eight years. As a pivotal team member, Lauren ensures that every patient who walks through the clinic doors is greeted warmly by the team and experiences a seamless patient journey.

A graduate of the esteemed Fashion Retail Academy in London, she has become an integral part of the clinic’s success since joining the clinic. Her exceptional interpersonal skills and unwavering commitment to customer service have earned her the trust and appreciation of patients and colleagues. Whether managing appointments, addressing queries, or ensuring that the front-of-house operations run smoothly, Lauren’s dedication is evident in every aspect of her work.

Beyond her professional contributions, Lauren’s friendly demeanour and approachable nature make her a joy to work with. Her positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile have elevated the patient experience and fostered a collaborative and supportive work environment within the clinic.


Helen Middleton

Front of House

Meet Helen Middleton, our exceptional Receptionist who has been a valuable asset to our team since June 2022. With a warm and welcoming demeanour, Helen has become the friendly face that greets everyone at our front desk. Her commitment to patient satisfaction and customer service excellence makes her an indispensable part of our clinic team.

Helen began her journey in dentistry in 1997 as a dental nurse. Throughout her career, she has accumulated invaluable experience and knowledge in dentistry. Her additional experience at the hospital’s maxillofacial clinic underscores her proficiency in handling patient inquiries and concerns in a healthcare setting, showcasing her adaptability and expertise.

With a solid in dental care, Helen is an expert in addressing patient inquiries and concerns with efficiency and understanding. Her extensive knowledge allows her to navigate the intricacies of dental procedures and treatments, making her an invaluable resource for our patients seeking information and support.

Helen has earned a well-deserved reputation as a customer service superstar. Her dedication to going above and beyond ensures that our patient’s needs are met and consistently exceeded. Her infectious smile and positive attitude create an inviting atmosphere for everyone who walks through our doors.

Helen’s professionalism and efficiency shine through in her role. She handles patient inquiries calmly, addressing concerns promptly and ensuring that every interaction is a positive and informative experience. Her ability to maintain a high standard of service reflects her commitment to the well-being of our patients.

Julie Birch

Front of House

Please join us in welcoming the newest member to The Repton Clinic team, Julie.  Julie is the face that, will greet you when you visit the practice as she has joined us to lead our front-of-house services. With a wide range of work and life experience Julie has accumulated valuable customer service skills and will do everything in her power to make your visit to the clinic as pleasant as possible.

In our short time together, Julie has already demonstrated that she is willing to go above and beyond to ensure that our patient’s needs are met and consistently exceeded. Her warm smile and positive attitude create an inviting atmosphere for everyone who walks through our doors.

A true professional, Julie’s help and efficiency shine through. She handles patient inquiries calmly, addresses concerns promptly, and ensures that every interaction is a positive and informative experience. Her ability to maintain a high standard of service reflects her commitment to the well-being of our patients.

Julie loves to travel and is a confident linguist, having lived and worked in Europe..  She has two grown-up daughters and a beloved Cockapoo, Bobbi. Her hobbies are walking, swimming and yoga.